This 13th-century massive fort was built on a hilltop by Khangar dynasty is situated near national highway no: 39 in the district of Tikamgarh, Madhya Pradesh. It is some 55 km from Jhansi (via Baruasagar and Niwari) connected with a sound motorable road. The fort was later on captured by Bundela kings, from Khangars and was fortified with a gateway, heavy walls and a palace inside the fort. A huge, spacious, square courtyard in the middle of the fort is surrounded by rectangular chambers and halls with open doorways. The fort is a rare specimen of Khangar – Bundela architecture. Garhkundar remained under Bundela rulers till they shifted their capital to Orcha.

Gadkundar Fort

Nowadays the structure is under A.S.I. and is open from 08 A.M. to 05 P.M. on all 07 days of the week. The basement has been sealed by the authorities to avoid greedy treasure – hunters and unaware tourists getting lost in it. There is a stepwell (Bauli) having arches all-around within the fort premises with a long connecting staircase going downwards. There are at least three ancient scriptures in some mysterious language, still to be deciphered. Before one reaches to the fort which is surrounded by thick forest, there is a temple of Gajanan Mata on a high mound exactly 05 km. on the left side on the main road. There is another very famous temple of Giddha Wahini Mata which is situated on a hilltop nearby a huge and beautiful water body is also worth visiting. The three days annual cultural and religious fare of local Khangar community is still celebrated on 27-27 and 29 December each year.

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